15 Incredible Tours In Cameroon

With so much to do and see in Cameroon, you’ll have loads of things to do while on vacation in this beautiful country. From visiting tribal villages, to going on safari, this country in the heart of Africa has it all. Here is a rundown of some of the most popular tours in Cameroon.

Njem house in Cameroon

Njem house in Cameroon (Amcaja/Wikimedia Commons)

1. Cultural Heritage Tour in Bamenda

From the countryside of Bamenda with its giant bananas, luxurious palm oil and pineapple plantations, to visiting Mankon Palace Museum, Fulani Cattle Market, and a traditional village, Zwinkels Tours Cameroon’s Cultural Hertiage Tour will show you a piece of Cameroon lifestyle. This four day, three night tour also includes horse riding and trekking in the hills around Bamenda.

Tourists climbing Mount Cameroon

Tourists climbing Mount Cameroon (Amcaja/Wikimedia Commons)

2. Mount Cameroon Trekking Tour 

Head up to the second highest mountain in Africa, Mount Cameroon, with Discover Cameroon ToursThe one week tour isn’t all about trekking — you’ll also have the opportunity to relax on the beach and visit some of the sites in Limbe before doing the big climb.

scuba diving in cameroon

(Dirk2112/Wikimedia Commons)

3. Scuba Diving Tour 

Enjoy a 11 -day scuba diving tour with Global Bush, including dives at Mbarombi Lake, Lake Chad, and House Reef. You won’t only be scuba diving — you’ll also enjoy a night safari, a city tour in Kumba, and trekking at Mount Cameroon.

Tribe dancing in Cameroon

Tribe dancing in Cameroon (Wikimedia Commons)

4. Tribal Land Tour 

With over 250 different ethnic groups, you’ll get a true taste of Cameroon tribal lifestyle with this tour by Responsible Travel that takes you to the heart of the country that is most untouched by tourism. The tour starts in Douala and ends in Koma.

Birdwatching tour in Cameroon

(Daniel Schwen/Wikimedia Commons)

5. Birdwatching Tour 

For all the birdwatching fanatics, Cameroon is the ideal destination for you. Because of its excellent geographical position in the heart of Africa, this beautiful country has a variety of amazing landscapes that is home to 900 species of birds. Head out on a 26-day birdwatching experience with Discover Cameroon Tours that will take you to the highlands, and to parts of Cameroon in the north and southwest.

6. Cameroon Beach Tour 

Take a tour of all the best beaches of Cameroon on this four day tour with Discover Cameroon Tours. From the white sandy Kribi beach, to the black volcanic sand of Limbe, you’ll get a true insight of the amazing Atlantic seascapes of Cameroon.

Gorilla trekking tour in cameroon

(Sarel Kromer/Wikimedia Commons)

7. Gorilla Trekking Tour 

Before heading to Lobeke National Park, Global Bush Tours will take you on a 4-wheel drive from Douala to Yokadouma that passes through the villages of Awae, Ayos, and Mindourou. Once you reach Lobeke National Park, you’ll get to see gorillas, elephants and various other animals.

safari tour in cameroon

(Profberger/Wikimedia Commons)

8. Safari And Colonial Train

This nine-day tour and colonial train ride goes through Bénoué National Park, Waza National Park and Yaounde. You’ll also have day excursions which includes trips to Ngaoundéré and a safari. The colonial train which was built by the Germans and French and is only operational from December to May. You can book this tour through Cameroon Safari.

home stay in cameroon

(Elin/Wikimedia Commons)

9. The Family Experience Tour 

Want to know what it’s like to live with a local family in Cameroon? Well, Discover Cameroon Tours will give you an opportunity to live with a local family for a month and have a real cultural exchange. From home activities, meals, and family celebrations, you’ll get to experience it all.

butterfly study tour

(Tiago J. G. Fernandes/Wikimedia Commons)

10. Butterfly Study Tour 

This ornithological tour is a 17-day experience all about butterflies. From trekking in the Dikolo Forest to a three-day excursion to Mount Cameroon, you’ll be observing and photographing butterflies in the forest throughout your stay in various locations with Global Bush Tours

budget tour in cameroon

(Wikimedia Commons)

11. Budget Tour 

If you’re on a budget, then this tour is for you. Using mostly public transport, this two-week tour with Zwinkels Tours Cameroon tour will take you all over Cameroon. You’ll start in Douala and end off in Bamenda while taking in all the sights, meeting the locals, and experiencing the best that Cameroon has to offer.

12. Culinary Tour

When it comes to food, Cameroon has a wide variety of both traditional and international cuisine packed with delicious flavours. This tour by Cameroon Experimental Travel and Adventure Centre takes you to most of the 10 regions over 16 days which each have their own gastronomic characteristics.

limber beach tour in cameroon

(Amcaja/Wikimedia Commons)

13. Limbe City Tour 

The seaside city of Limbe is between the airport and Douala. With some of Cameroon’s most beautiful beach resorts and black sand beaches, this city is a really cool place to do a city tour. You’ll be shown all the coolest spots to hang out at, the best beaches to catch a tan, and the most delicious restaurants to eat with a Tours By Locals tour.

forest tour in cameroon

(Julielangford/Wikimedia Commons)

14. Primeval Forests Tour 

This amazing ecological tour promotes sustainable development and tourism. From accommodation in beautiful hotels, traditional lunches, visits to rubber and palm oil plantations, and seeing some wildlife, this 22-day, all exclusive tour by Zwinkels Tours Cameroon has everything you want for a true African experience.

safari tour in cameroon

(Amcaja/Wikimedia Commons)

15. Cameroon Highlights Tour 

Only have two weeks off work and want to see all the highlights that Cameroon has to offer? Well, this tour is for you. Spend 14 days with Responsible Travel as they show you the best that this amazing country has to offer.

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