Travel Tip Of The Day: Watch Out For Hippos

While most people traveling to Africa are aware that a lion could quickly gobble you up if given the chance, the animals you should be most concerned about are hippos.

Just a month ago, a hippo charged a boat at lightning speed in a video that quickly spread around the internet.

Luckily it didn’t injure anybody, but that isn’t always the case, as hippos kill around 2,900 people a year in Africa — not a low number by any means.

You should be especially careful when going on popular kayak tours where you are going to be in the water with hippos, many are known to be aggressive if you enter their territory.

You’ll also definitely want to avoid being around them if babies are near.

Never attempt to wash your clothes or take a dip in water where hippos are around, which in Africa, is a lot of places. This is how many locals get killed, but you can easily avoid it.

If you do happen to startle a hippo, avoid getting between the animal and water, it’s pretty easy for you to get trampled (as they can move at 40 kilometers per hour).

And if you see one “yawning” near you, move away. It’s a display of dominance and a signal for intruders to get away from them.

By staying out of their way, you can observe these large animals from a distance and keep your limbs.


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