15 Things To Do In Douala, Cameroon

Douala is the biggest city in Cameroon and boasts a variety of things to see and do. From natural wonders like amazing beaches and an active volcano, to cultural gems like local cuisine and artwork, this city is ideal for a vacation. Here are 15 things to do in Douala, Cameroon. 

1. Eat At Saga African Restaurant 

For real African cuisine with the option of western meals, head to Saga African Restaurant. With an upmarket feel in an amazing setting, you can having anything from ndole (sauce made with leaves and smoked fish) to pizza.

Elephants at Lobeke National Park

Elephants at Lobeke National Park (Thomas Breuer/Wikimedia Commons)

2. Go On Safari At Lobeke National Park 

Experience some true African wildlife at Lobeke National Park. Not only does this area have amazing wildlife, but it’s also located in the Congo Basin and acts as a border with Central African Republic and the Republic of the Congo.

Traditional dancing of the Baka Tribe

Traditional dancing of the Baka Tribe (Wikimedia Commons)

3. Meet The People Of Baka Tribe 

Meet the people of one of the most indigenous tribes in the world, the Baka tribe. They occupy the southeastern rain forests of Cameroon near Douala, are semi-nomadic and made up of roughly 30,000 individuals.

the new freedom statue

(Alessandro Aceri/Wikimedia Commons)

4. Go View The La Nouvelle Liberte (The New Freedom) 

This 12-metre-high monument is a famous landmark in Deido, Douala, which was implemented in 1996. At first it was controversial, as the artist Joseph Francis Sumégné used only metal recovery parts mounted on a frame boiler. It was finally completed in 2007.


(You As A Machine/Flickr)

5. Enjoy A Pastry At Delices 

For freshly baked goods and a delicious cup of coffee — perfect for a morning bite — head to Delices. Not only do they have a large variety of baked goods, but also yummy toasted sandwiches and juices.

Fishermen at Limbe Beach

Fishermen at Limbe Beach (Hierakares/Wikimedia Commons)

6. Swim At Limbe Beach 

Just an hour’s drive from the city is this amazing beach. With plenty of space for water activities and a great variety of restaurants, the long drive is well worth the visit.

Bonanjo Square

Bonanjo Square (Sandrine Dole/Wikimedia Commons)

7. Go For Drinks At Café des Palabres 

Located in Bonanjo’s main square inside a colonial German residence that dates back to 1905, this charming cafe serves a light European cuisine. It is the perfect spot for evening drinks as it has a garden terrace and great vibe.

eko market

(Stefan Magdalinski/Wikimedia Commons)

8. Explore Eko Market 

Being the largest market in Cameroon, Eko Market sells any and everything. You can stroll in and around this busy market and witness a real part of everyday life for the people of Douala.

Marche des Fleurs


9. Shop At Marche des Fleurs 

This flower and African crafts market is perfectly located on the way to airport for to pick up some souvenirs and local artworks. With roughly 50 stalls selling various things including some things from the DRC and Gabon, you can find great pieces at excellent prices if you can haggle.

River Wouri

(Iolanda Pensa/Wikimedia Commons)

10. Take A Cruise On River Wouri 

With stunning views of the Gulf of Guinea, the River Wouri has amazing mangrove swamps alongside its developed areas. The river runs for 160km and is lined with fishing boats used by locals.

burger and fries

(Silver Diner/Wikimedia Commons)

11. Hang Out With The Locals At American Graffiti

This pool bar and retro-diner is the place to go drinking if you want to get to know the friendly and cool Doualan youth. The diner serves a selection of delicious burgers and ice cold beers.

akwa palace

(Photo courtesy of Akwa Palace)

12. Stay At Akwa Palace 

Located in the heart of Douala, the Akwa Palace is not only a great place to stay, but is also an attraction that many tourists flock to see. The hotel combines the charm of colonial tradition with modern luxury to make for an outstanding experience.

Opening of Espace Doual’art

Opening of Espace Doual’art (doual’art/Wikimedia Commons)

13. Espace Doual’art 

Espace Doual’art is an excellent place to witness the city’s growing art scene. Founded in 1991, this contemporary art space is home to a host of temporary exhibitions by artists from Cameroon and the rest of Africa.

Tourists climbing Mount Cameroon

Tourists climbing Mount Cameroon (Amcaja/Wikimedia Commons)

14. Climb An Active Volcano 

Yes, you can go visit the base of the base of Mount Cameroon and in all its glory, but for those feeling a bit more adventurous, you can go on climbing expeditions to the crater of the volcano. It’s not an easy climb, but well worth the effort if you’re experienced.


(cyclonebill/Wikimedia Commons)

15. Méditerranée Restaurant

Craving some pizza? Well, Méditerranée Restaurant has the best wood-fired pizza in town. The restaurant is popular amongst expats who soak in the city’s atmosphere and eat the mixed cuisine menu of Greek, Italian and Lebanese dishes.

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