10 Mind-Blowing Aerial Photos Of Dakar

The city of Dakar, Senegal takes on a whole new look when seen from high above. These photos were taken by Jeff Attaway (Creative Commons 2.0), who loves to experiment with a camera attached to a kite. Check out the aerial views of Dakar in the following 10 mind-blowing photos.

rooftops in dakar

Rooftops (Jeff Attaway/flickr)

pair on beach dakar

Two men on a beach (Jeff Attaway/flickr)

dakar beach boats

Boats in front of Mosque of the Divinity (Jeff Attaway/flickr)

man in ocean dakar

Surfer heading out (Jeff Attaway/flickr)

ngor beach

Ngor beach (Jeff Attaway/flickr)

Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine (Jeff Attaway / flickr)

Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine (Jeff Attaway/flickr)

mosque of divinity dakar

Mosque of the Divinity (Jeff Attaway/flickr)

dakar stadium

Leopold Sedar Senghor Stadium (Jeff Attaway/flickr)

salt boats dakar

Salt boats on Lac Rose/Red Lake, Niaga (Jeff Attaway/flickr)

Phare Des Mamelles

Hotel du Phare les Mamelles (Jeff Attaway/flickr)

bricks in dakar

Bricks (Jeff Attaway/flickr)

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