Travel Tip Of The Day: How To Get Around In Ghana

Ghana isn’t exactly the type of place where you pull out the subway map and get on your way.

But never fear, with these tips, you’ll be getting around the country like a pro in no time.

There are many different choices when you are getting around the country, but one of the best options are the Ghanaian minibuses (referred to as tro-tros.)

They course along the country’s highways, connecting cities with towns, villages and seemingly everything in between.

In spite of an illusion of chaos, the tro-tros do in fact follow a predictable series of routes that can be navigated with a combination of hand signs.

Each bus is staffed by both a driver and a “mate.” The mate sits at the sliding door, and is responsible for recruiting and managing passengers.

Privately hired vehicles and large bus companies are of course also other modes of transportation – however, they are hardly as efficient, customizable or thrilling as the tro-tro.

If you do go this way, STC is the main coach company (although there are others) and operates between Accra, Cape Coast, Kumasi and several other cities. Try to choose the express option, as it is usually faster and offers air-conditioning as well.

Finally, if you are in the main cities (especially Accra), then taxis are prevalent and can be flagged down by standing at the curb and making a “slow down” gesture with your palm and arm straight down. Prices are negotiable, and you should always settle for a fare before getting in.


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