Travel Tip Of The Day: Where To Shop In Casablanca

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, and as such, has plenty of areas where you can spend your time shopping.

Another plus about Casablanca is that it receives far less tourists than cities like Marrakech and Fez, allowing you a glimpse of the culture and shops away from tourist zones.

Some of the main items people come to the city to shop for include reasonably priced electronic goods, leather shoes, jewelry and shirts.

For those with a bit more expensive taste, you’ll find jewelry and skilled artisans crafting metal work in the modern souk area called Quartier Habous and in the upmarket shopping areas of Maarif.

Quartier Habous is home to a medium-sized souk, and you can pick up traditional wooden souvenirs here along with the metal work — chess sets are one of numerous specialties

Maarif specializes in trendy European and American fashion designers with a few other shops sprinkled in, but outside of the leather work, there probably isn’t much there you couldn’t get back home.

Fore more traditional crafts and out for a bargain, head straight to Casablanca’s medina. The area is spotted by its clock tower and has plenty of bargains including copperware, lanterns, carpets and woodwork such as chess sets and ornate boxes. The Skala bastion with its brass cannon faces out to sea.

If you’re looking for some items that capture the feel of Casablanca from the past, the Slaoui Foundation Museum houses a collection of vintage posters and memorabilia in a 1940s Art Deco building, along with paintings by Jacques Majorelle. Displays in the museum include jewelry, glass work and other art objects.

And for the ultimate bargain hunter, head for the cities small flea markets scattered about. There you’ll find lots of old antiques from espresso machines to old picture frames, many stocked with items from when the French were there.

Just be mindful in these areas that the shopkeepers can be a bit pushy. Never go with the initial price that is quoted, and never act like you’re in a rush. Both are a sure way to overpay for your goods.


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