Travel Tip Of The Day: How To Be Respectful Of Wildlife In Africa

Would you like somebody to come in your neighborhood and make a lot of noise? Probably not.

Animals in Africa likely feel the same way, so you should be respectful of their natural habitat while your on a safari tour or a hike.

Many safaris operate in their natural habitats, so it’s important to be aware of your proximity to animals.

Always stay in approved areas and never approach any wildlife you may encounter. This simple step can protect your group as well as the animal.

Getting out of the vehicle and approaching an animal should also just go without saying. This can result in you or the animal being potentially injured.

If you are the wildlife paparazzi, don’t just whip out your telephoto lens as soon as you see an animal and start clicking away (and definitely don’t shoot off a flash).

And just like you’ve probably been conditioned in the movie theaters, silence is golden. This works the same for being in an animal’s environment — it’s not the time for casual chatting, just sit back and observe.

Another way to ensure you are being respectful of animals is to listen to your guide, they no doubt know more than you do about the area and can instruct you on what is acceptable.

Remember, you aren’t in a zoo. By being respectful of the wildlife and their environment, you are sure to have a great time while leaving the animals undisturbed for others to enjoy in the future.

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