Travel Tip Of The Day: Use Solared Powered Items To Cut Your Carbon Footprint

More travelers than ever are looking for eco-friendly options when heading to Africa.

While many lodges and hotels are installing solar panels and wastewater recycling systems to reduce their carbon footprint, you can do your part by switching out old items for solar-powered gear.

Solar power isn’t just used to power calculators and water heaters — there are plenty of portable solar options hitting the market every day. Plus, most of them won’t break the bank.

One of the best products to invest in if you are going on safari, camping or hiking is a solar-powered flashlight (torch) or lantern.

There are many models to choose from, but one of the best is the hand-cranked and solar-powered LED flashlight from Ivation. It uses three LEDs that flash up to 8 lumens, plus it’s waterproof up to 45 feet.

If you want a jack-of-all-trades product, Bear Motion offers a solar-powered AM/FM radio with a flashlight and cell phone charger.

To make sure all of your electronics are charged, Levin offers a solar panel charger with dual USB ports. It’s rainproof and shockproof, making it handy when you’re out in the bush.

And for the true outdoors enthusiast wanting a more low-tech option, there is always the solar-powered camp shower from Blue Sky Gear that gives you warm water when you’re rouging it.

Whichever products you choose, you’ll be doing Africa a favor by cutting down on unnecessary waste and emissions.

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