Travel Tip Of The Day: Picking Your Accommodation In Rural Kenya

Kenya is one of the most popular destinations in Africa — full of dramatic landscapes, bountiful wildlife, and friendly people. But sometimes knowing what you want to see is easier to choose than where to stay.

While staying in Mombasa or Nairobi offers tourists plenty of choices of hotels, finding a good accommodation in rural areas of Kenya (where most of the wildlife and nature is) can be a bit more difficult.

Once you get out of the main cities, there are three major types of accommodation you should consider:

  • Rustic Hotels – These often cater to backpackers and tourists who aren’t exactly attached to five-star luxury. Most of them can’t accommodate that many people and are often marketed via word of mouth. They are also often located in remote areas, accessible only via dirt roads, and may lack some basic amenities.
  • Traditional Hotels – These are often found away from typical tourist areas, and offer travelers relative seclusion, but are coupled with amenities you would expect from an average hotel.
  • Luxury Lodge – These are relative rare in rural Kenya, but of course can still be found. They are designed for travelers with deep pockets who prefer their room to come with every comfort imaginable. They often have private airstrips or feeder roads maintained by the hotel itself and are usually exclusive.

Whichever type you choose, you are sure to find something for your budget. Most establishments also have an online presence making them easy to contact and see the activities available around them.

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