‘Disneyland’ In Africa? It May Happen In Zimbabwe

Walter Mzembi, Zimbabwe’s Tourism Minister, has his eyes set on making the country’s most popular attraction, Victoria Falls, even more of a sight to see.

A massive entertainment complex with a shopping mall, banks and casinos is in the planning stages, and is slated to be built on a 1200-hectare parcel of land near Victoria Falls International Airport. The minister hopes the complex will help lure more international tourists. The cost is estimated at around US$460 million.

CCTV Africa reports that Mzembi’s quest to invest in building around less-traveled areas of the waterfall has been a “laughable” plan to some in infrastructure. Mzembi says that he just wants to ensure that the attraction is bigger and better for years to come.

“You can call it what you want. You can call it ‘Disneyland’ as the media is suggesting — you can call it an outer city,” Mzembi told CCTV Africa. “The bottom line really is we want to modernize that section of Victoria Falls that is not covered by the World Heritage [site].”

Watch the report below.

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