Travel Tip Of The Day: Traveling The Nile From South Sudan

While the Nile River might be more associated with Egypt, it’s also becoming easier to get to in Africa’s newest country, South Sudan.

While there isn’t much tourism here yet due to ongoing conflict, some operators have began to open shop along the country’s southern segments of the Nile.

Most of the activity is focused on the capital city of Juba, but people will just use it as a jumping off point to get to Nimule National Park, a border town near Uganda a few hours south.

Inside Nimule, intrepid travellers can go on a 2-4 day white-water rafting trip down the Nile. Trips often start below Fola Falls, going through a range of lower grade rapids.

There aren’t many people around, but you can see tons of wildlife, including crocodile, hippo, monkeys and antelopes.

Standard boat trips are also available during the park, allowing for a bit of an offbeat safari experience.

Book any trips in advance, as not all the excursions operate on a regular basis.

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