Travel Tip Of The Day: Pay Extra For A Better Safari Seat

While money can’t buy you everything, paying a little extra for your safari will definitely get you a better ride.

Is this worth it? Well, depending on your comfort levels while viewing wildlife, many people think it definitely is.

And sometimes it’s worth splurging a bit for something you might not do very often, like a safari.

At higher price points for safaris, you can find yourself in a much better seat in a luxurious open-air land rover with cushioned seats, power outlets for your electronics and super silent builds to help get closer to animals.

If you get something for less money, you will often ride in a converted mini-van with a pop-up roof or a more standard open-air vehicle.

Even in the high end package deals, you’ll likely end up riding with other people from the lodge you are staying at.

However, you almost always have the option to pay a supplement for a private vehicle so you can enjoy the ride with just your party.

So before booking your safari, be sure to call or verify on the website what the vehicle options are so you can complete your safari in comfort and style.

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