Travel Tip Of The Day: Take A Trip On A Houseboat

When considering your next African vacation, instead of booking a standard hotel, why not take a trip on a houseboat?

No, this isn’t a standard cruise you are thinking about, but something smaller, more personal and usually on a river.

Taking a trip on a houseboat can also let you see tons of sights without getting far away from the comfort of your room, plus they are usually available at bargain prices compared to traditional cruises.

It’s also more eco-friendly than a cruise, and helps to minimize the waste created.

The current winter season in North Africa is a great time to go, and several options such as this houseboat cruise down the Nile are available.

For something a little more exclusive where you can also see wildlife, the Pride of the Zambezi makes a great option.

Whatever you choose to book, try to find a deal that is all-inclusive and includes your meals and transportation.

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