15 Things Introverts Absolutely Don’t Want To Deal With

They’re rude, they’re cold, they’re standoffish! Introverts everywhere are tired of these same old lamentations about their personalities. Honestly, we’re nice people, we just need time to recharge and mentally prepare ourselves to be a bit social.  Here are 15 things introverts absolutely don’t want to deal with. 

family reunion

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1. Week-long family gatherings/reunions

Remember the last time you spent a whole day with your mother? Exactly.

extra friends

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2. When a friend brings friends

“Hey, I’m bringing my friends Ashley, Tiffany and Bryanna to the restaurant tonight, hope that is okay?” Ugh, how do you say no without sounding like a jerk?

unexpected visitors

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3. Unexpected visitors

Showing up unannounced is downright cruel for every introvert. If you want to see your introverted friend, at least give them a heads up warning! Sheesh, some people!


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4. Being invited to parties

Your friends think you’re a total spazz for never accepting their invitation to a party. They just don’t realize that your idea of a party is listening to Morrissey alone in your bedroom while feasting on a carton full of Cherry Garcia.

shaking hands

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5. Seeing someone you haven’t seen in awhile

Oh no… you know this person is going to come up to you and talk about their kids or something. Time to muster up that energy to go beyond the small talk and nod along every 500 baby pictures.

study group

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6. Study groups!



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7. Working in retail

The worst job imaginable for introverts is an environment when you’re forced to interact, whether you’re mentally prepared or not.

phone calls

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8. Phone calls

When you see your cell phone ringing, you find yourself having to mentally prepare for a lengthy conversation. Hello? Have you ever heard of texting?

roommates friends

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9. When your roommate invites people over

Oh, you’ve got friends over…that’s cool. I’m going to the bedroom and put on my headphones…alone. 

ride stuck

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10. When your ride doesn’t want to leave

Whether it’s at a party or an outing, introverts learn their lesson to never tag along for a ride since they will not be in charge of when they can leave. By 2 a.m., your drunk friend thinks the party has just started!

concerned friends

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11. Overly-concerned friends and families

Yes, I’m fine. No, there is nothing wrong with me. Stop asking. 

office party

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12. Office parties

Someone’s birthday at the office again? Oh joy! Time for that awkward office party where you are forced to mingle with your co-workers. You wish they’d let you skip out on it after signing your name on the birthday card (because that should count as being there in spirit…right?).

that one friend

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13. Having that one friend that ALWAYS wants to hang out

You want to go out for breakfast? But…didn’t I just see you last night? 

 14. People giving you strange looks for going out alone

You have to refrain yourself from yelling out “but I like being alone!”

15. Having to prove that you’re actually nice

You’re pretty much tired of the bad rep introverts get. Sometimes the pressure to be more social is so much that you find yourself painfully smiling your way through a dinner party. I’ll be by the cheese dip. 

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