Travel Tip of the Day: Making Your Hotel Safe For Children

For those traveling with children in Africa, the last thing you need to worry about is having your child knock over a television or stick their finger in a light socket.

And with many hotels in Africa having exotic or luxury offerings, it certainly doesn’t help.

Fortunately, if you follow these tips your child should have a safe and enjoyable time in Africa.

The first thing you should do is properly inspect the room and look for any hanging cords, electrical sockets, or sharp objects.

Make sure none of it is in reach for your child, and if the sockets are open, either ask the hotel for hotels to provide a cover, or bring them yourself.

Socket covers can be picked up at most hardware stores, and there are even childproof travel kits that can be purchased on Amazon or other online retailers (they are a bit harder to find in retail stores).

Once that is done, use tape to tighten up any of the loose wires you might find. Common culprits are the hotel hair dryer, air conditioner, television, or alarm clock.

If there are shop objects such as the end of a table or the side of a bed frame, you can cushion these with some simple foam and tape that is easily transportable in your suitcase.

Once the room is secure, definitely make sure the balcony door is locked, especially if it is one of the kind that looks over the water (common in some African safari hotels).

It’s best to just not let children out there, but if you must, you can carry some extra rope or mesh to secure the area even more.

Finally, don’t forget to check to see if the smoke and fire alarms are working. Most have a button you can push to test.

With these tips, your little one should be safe and you can breath a sigh of relief while you enjoy your vacation.

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