Travel Tip Of The Day: Stay Hydrated, Even In Winter

While the summer is about to enter it’s swing in most of Africa,¬†winter is just beginning throughout the Sahara — that means lots of tourists (and maybe you).

But just because you aren’t breaking a sweat in the hot desert sun doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on hydration.

It’s still an arid environment, and the dry air can quickly wick away the moisture from your body.

Make sure you load up on bottled water before heading out on any excursion, or even if you are just walking around the souks.

While you could carry your own bottle and refill it, that’s not the best idea as much of the water isn’t safe to drink.

Stick with bottled water only, and make sure the seal isn’t broken and that it comes from a reputable source.

Aim to hydrate the same as you would any time of year and make sure you are sipping it throughout the day.

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