Travel Tip Of The Day: Make Sure To Use Official Tourist Guides

You’ve probably heard a story or two about somebody getting ripped off with a fake tourist guide. And yes, it can happen in Africa, too.

Unofficial guides operate illegally, have been known to leave tourists once they get to their destinations, and often charge obscene prices (or change them) once they get you hooked.

While crowded cities like Cairo or Casablanca often have more unofficial tour guides than other places, they can be found anywhere.

Be extra careful during the off season, when tourist numbers are lower, making their tactics get more sneaky.

So before you venture out on a journey, do some homework on who you are signing up with.

Most legitimate tourist guides will be registered in the city or country and also have a website. You’ll also truly be helping the local economy.

If you can’t find an official guide yourself, local tourist offices are generally open year round and will¬†be eager to help you on your way.

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