15 Charming Places To Visit In New York State

So you feel a bit tired of Manhattan’s density and lack of nature (Central Park just doesn’t do the trick for you). No worries, New York State is home to countless charming small towns in the midst of beautiful nature. Here are 15 cool places to visit in New York State

saranac lake

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1. Saranac Lake

In the world-famous Adirondack Mountains, Saranac Lake is famous for it’s retreats. Many tourists visit this village for its lush landscape and skiing spots. Many historical figures such as Mark Twain and Calvin Coolidge cite Saranac Lake as one of their favorite spots to relax.


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2. Cooperstown

If you’re a lover of Baseball (especially the New York Yankees), be sure to stop by Cooperstown. Not only does this city have a charming town square, but it’s also home to National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum with every baseball artifact you can think of.

sag harbor

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3. Sag Harbor

Tucked away in the Hamptons, Sag Harbor has a plethora of nationally registered historic buildings that are carefully preserved to its antiquity. Resting next to the ocean, yachting and boating are all popular traditions for locals. The city also has its own whaling museum and denizen of fresh seafood shacks.


Courtesy of Doug Kerr/Flickr.com

4. Millerton

Labeled as one of the top ten coolest small towns in America by Frommer’s, Millerton proves that it very much earned that title. With many bohemian spots and railroad themes, people flock to the town for it’s strong presence of art culture, gourmet food, and old fashioned movie theaters (that plays foreign films).


Courtesy of Jasen Miller/Flickr.com

5. Montauk

Meet me in Montauk! The easternmost tip of Long Island, Montauk is a quiet scenic beach town with a light house, soft sands and comfy cottages.


Courtesy of Brian Holland/Flickr.com

6. Hammondsport

Oenophiles take heed, Hammondsport might be your new favorite destination. Find a cozy bed and breakfast that overlooks the a vineyard and sample the local wine. 


Courtesy of Justin Ennis/Flickr.com

7. Ithaca

Home to Cornell University, Ithaca is a quiet city with gorgeous architecture, rivers, and dense forests. Beatniks and young hipsters like to congregate in this small city to enjoy its artistic culture and bohemian scene.


Courtesy of John Hoey/Flickr.com

8. Skaneateles

With a handful of pre-Civil War architecture still standing, Skaneateles has a rich history that echoes throughout the town. With grazing cows in an open field to a rocky beach, this town is the perfect location for the shutterfly in you.


Courtesy of Lida/Flickr.com

9. Canandaigua

Known for the city’s large lake, Canandaigua makes a great place for the outdoor person in you. With many gorgeous photographic moments, you and your friends will surely have a blast in this town. Be sure to sample the water since Canandaigua was voted to have the best drinking water in New York State.

watkins glen

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10. Watkins Glen

While the town is charming with a history of big concerts and drag racing, its state park is a must-do on your list. Known for the breathtaking falls tucked away in a cavernous spring, Watkins Glen is one of New York’s natural wonders.

11. Brewster

Sample the best apples you’ll ever taste in your life time by heading over to Brewster — home to multitudes of apple orchards. Be sure to stop by Salinger’s Orchard Farm to sample the fresh apples, pies and other baked treats (highly recommend the doughnuts).


Courtesy of CMMooney/Flickr.com

12. Catskills

Approximately 100 miles north of New York City, you’ll find a wildlife oasis in the Catskills Mountains. This great exodus of a city provides many spots for tubing on a lazy river, water skiing, hiking, bicycling and camping.


Courtesy of Dan Fell/Flickr.com

13. Poughkeepsie

Head over to Poughkeepsie to experience Dutch architecture from the city’s long history of immigrants from the Netherlands. This cozy city also has its own independent theaters, museums and authentic Dutch restaurants.


Courtesy of Oblong Land Conservancy/ Flickr.com

14. Patterson

Situated in the Oblong area (near Connecticut), Patterson is a great outlet for city dwellers to get their ski fix. Only an hour north of Manhattan, Patterson’s Thunder Ridge skiing spot is a popular hit.


Courtesy of Thomas Cummins/Flickr.com

15. Yaddo

Yaddo is an art colony situated in the heart of Saratoga Springs. Famous writers, musicians and artists such as Hannah Arendt, Sylvia Plath, Langston Hughes, and Leonard Bernstein all have flocked to this colony to find their inspiration. Head over to Yaddo let the community be your muse.

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