15 Tips For Enjoying A Moroccan Winter

Morocco is an amazing travel destination throughout the year, but winter months offer their own charm. From cool desert nights, to snow covered mountains, there is plenty waiting to be experienced. And though Morocco is easy to love in winter, when the stifling heat of the summer is a distant memory, there are some steps you can take to ensure your trip is as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.


1. Consider Marrakech As Your Base For The Trip

The city is full of culture and style that defines the entire region. Its proximity to other attractions as well as popular cities makes it the perfect base for all planned activities.

Packed suitcase (Hans/pixabay)

Packed suitcase (Hans/pixabay)

2. Bring Clothing For Changing Temperatures

Pack for hot as well as cold temperatures if you are planning to really explore the country. Temperatures during this season are comfortable in lower portions of Morocco, but that changes as you approach the High Atlas mountain range.


3. Visit The High Atlas Mountain Range

Explorers and casual travelers alike will find adventure in this area. Guided treks are offered that can run for days throughout the villages and foothills. Horseback riding excursions also offer a new perspective of this special terrain.

sahara sunset

Christopher L./flickr

4. Plan A Saharan Adventure

The Sahara desert offers day long trips as well as extended stays. No matter what you choose, look for a guided tour that will show off the best elements of this unrivaled natural wonder. Camels may also be used as your transportation, so anyone with allergies should inquire about other options.

(Overlanding Africa/Flickr)

(Overlanding Africa/Flickr)

5. Look For Official Tourist Guides

Unofficial guides are not legally operating in the country and their selling tactics increase when less tourists visit the country. Tourists offices are usually open year round to help you find official guides for any excursion.

Travel Tip Of The Day: Travel By Train


6. Consider Trains

It may be winter, but trains continue to run throughout the country. They offer great ways to explore areas outside of Marrakech and Casablanca. Keep track of schedules to avoid missing your designated train and make sure your ticket is accurate to avoid any fraud.

VIDEO: Skiing In Morocco

Photo courtesy of Sandra Lahnsteiner / Vimeo

7. Ski In Oukaimden

The ski resort features a rental shop with everything you need to take on the slopes. Avoid anyone outside the shop that offers their own rentals. Once you get the gear, take on runs that are created for various skill levels.

(African Overland Tours)

(African Overland Tours)

8. Bring Your Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are not necessary when traveling to Morocco but can become helpful during those cold winter nights. They offer an added level of comfort when staying in major cities like Marrakech and Casablanca.

water bottle

9. Avoid Buying Bottled Water On The Street

Water can be difficult to find year round and winter is no different. Only purchase water from reputable stores and avoid any merchants or citizens that would approach you with their own selections.

Sunscreen (earthlydelights/flickr)

Sunscreen (earthlydelights/flickr)

10. Bring Sunscreen

Morocco sees a lot of sunlight, even during winter months. Avoid any sunburns by utilizing the right sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen with the highest SPF for better coverage throughout the trip.



11. Bring Earplugs

Many events take place during the winter months, so be prepared for loud cities with earplugs. They help anyone block out nearby sounds for a better sleep every night.



12. Carry Insect Repellent

Insect repellent is usually an afterthought after spring and summer months pass but it can be just as valuable during winter months. Keep a bottle on hand for cities as well as natural attractions.



13. Never Wear Shorts

Shorts may seem tempting during the milder temperatures but avoid shorts at all times. Citizens expect visitors to adhere to their social attitudes about clothing and this rule is no different. Also, avoid anything that is see through or revealing.

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14. Look For Winter Travel Deals

Budget conscious travelers will find great deals during winter months. Airlines as well as local accommodations present travel packages that offer even more savings. Vendors and stores will also be more attentive to shoppers searching for items at reduced rates.

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Backpackers in South Africa (Shutterstock)

15. Bring A Backpack

You may be tempted to just bring a bag or purse if you are considering reduced time outdoors, but choose a small backpack instead. It’s a great way to keep your valuables with you and avoid any winter weather if you go on a trek.

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