Travel Tip Of The Day: Buy New First Aid Kits When Traveling

While you might remember to replace the ibuprofen tablets in your first-aid kit, what happens when you get a cut on a hike and forget to replace the band-aids?

That first-aid kit your mom gave you when you went off to college has probably run out of a few things by now, so before you depart on a trip, make sure to buy a new first aid kit.

No, we aren’t to make you buy more stuff, but too many people just keep their old first-aid kit, yet never replace key items like ointment, gauze or band-aids when they use them.

Some of the contents inside also expire, especially items like aspirinĀ and ointments.

Instead of wondering if you have everything, just keep the old content from your first-aid kit around your house, but when you are out and about, always make sure you buy a new one.

They usually cost less than $20 bucks, so it’s just not worth it to skimp on something that might save your life.


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