Travel Tip Of The Day: Reuse Your Sheets And Towels

When you’re staying in a hotel in Africa, you might think it is time to be pampered and that usually means a new change of sheets every night, and of course, freshly laundered towels.

But if you’re trying to be green on your trip, you might think twice about doing this.

Hotels have to use up valuable water resources and energy in order to get your towels and sheets clean (just like you do at home), and every little bit makes an impact on the environment.

Instead, tell the hotel staff that you want to reuse your towels instead of getting a fresh set. Many “eco” or “green” hotels now offer this as an option at check-in anyway.

Simply letting them dry out and reusing them will work for most people, and you’ll be doing your part to help the planet.

Of course, if you spilled that delivery pizza allover your bed sheets, it’s probably time to get them changed out.


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