15 Great Gifts For The Traveler In Your Life

Do you have a family member or friend who can’t keep himself in one place? Many people wonder what the perfect gift would be for someone that is never home. (Certainly not a puppy!From cool camera gear to travel journals, here are 15 great gift ideas for the traveler in your life.


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1. GPS

If your friend or family member is a wanderlust, chances are, he/she is often on the road and what’s a more thoughtful gift than getting a top-of-the-line GPS model? That way, your traveler can make a safer journey without using maps or reading directions and be aware of nearby restaurants and stops. The latest GPS devices are still far more accurate than phones and have other built in features for geo-caching and detailed road alerts. 


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2.  Smart phone projector

Give your traveler a unique gift of a projector catered to smart phone users. Your friend will jump at this opportunity to show off pictures from their journeys on their smartphones on the big screen.

swiss army

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3. Swiss Army knife

Swiss Army knives prove to be a reliable and sturdy gift for any wanderlust. Because of traveler’s time spent away from home, they don’t always have access to tools they need such as scissors, nail clippers or tweezers. This classic knife will solve their trouble.


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4. A killer camera

If your traveler has been using a phone to take pictures of his/her trips, why not buy your friend a top-of-the-line camera? If your friend already has a camera, maybe invest money into “blinging” out the camera with better lenses or speedlights.

first aid kit

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5. First aid kit

A first aid kit? Well, it’s no luxury car but it can prove to be a very thoughtful gift for your traveling friend. Accumulating first aid kits can be a pain as they can be pricey and hard to find all the right travel size essentials your friend needs. You just saved your traveler the annoying work of having to do so.

sturdy boots

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6. Sturdy boots

Whether your traveler likes to hike or stroll around a dense city, a sturdy boot designed for comfort and durability is essential. Invest in a good quality brand, and your friend will be astonished that you put so much thought into the gift.

7. Luggage tracker

Every true traveler knows the burden of lost luggage. With this luggage tracker, you will ease their worries when their bags are stolen or misplaced. Once they retrieve back what is rightfully theirs, you’ll be the first person they thank.

magazine subscription

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8. Travel magazine subscription

Find out what magazine your friend turns to for traveling tips and ideas and order a subscription. Now your friend won’t ever have to scavenge the book store to browse through unpaid magazines. How embarrassing! You might want to give them the digital version though, unless they have a permanent address. 


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9. Gorillapod

This funny-named device is a fun gadget for friends (and especially solo travelers). They can use the device to perch it on any surface for an instant adjustable tripod.

travel journal

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10. Travel journal

Why not encourage your friend to document their traveling experience? Seems like it’d be a waste if your traveler did not use their journey to explore their creativity — with words! While some people might be using an online blog anyway, nothing beats a hard copy. Besides, remember that last travel blog you made 5 years ago? Remember the web address? What was it travelingnomad-somethingsomething. Yeah, we didn’t think so. 

external battery charger

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11. External Battery Charger

Many backpackers are burdened with short-lived gadgets. With the external battery charger, your friend can recharge their phone or computers without finding a socket. It also could be a life-saving instrument. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

12. Personalized luggage

Personalize a luggage for your traveler so your friend can easily recognize his/her bag at airports. Plus, it’s fun to have your own custom-designed “valise” that’s nicer than everyone else’s.

selfie stick

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13. Selfie stick

Similar to the Gorillapod, a selfie stick allows you to take photos from the top with spectacular background views. Just tell them not to be one of those people who use it EVERYWHERE.


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14. Tent

Tents are always a fail-safe gift for your wanderlust. Get a high quality (and light-weight) tent decked out with extra comfort that will make your friend the baddest camper on the campground.

city view

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15. Book a trip!

Duh. If you’re feeling extra generous, buy your friend a plane ticket to a destination of his/her choice! If a trip is already planned, front the money for a hotel or dining experience. This cannot fail!

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