Travel Tip of the Day: Try A White Noise Generator To Get Some Sleep

At some point or another, jet lag is unavoidable, especially on flights going to Africa (some being the longest flight paths in the world).

And we all know you probably didn’t get much sleep on the plane or between flights. You also can’t be sure that hotel room you booked is going to provide a good night’s rest.

Hotels, as fate would have it, usually come in two varieties, the eerily quiet (if you are staying in the country) or the non-stop noisy (if you are staying in an urban environment).

And while earplugs work from some, the sensation of wearing them can become an annoyance for others.

So if you’re a constant jet-lagger insomniac,¬†consider trying a white noise generator. Many travelers swear by them.

The machine blocks out any of the distracting noise (like people bumping around outside your door or a loud air conditioner) and allows you to get a full night’s rest.

Good luck, and sweet dreams.

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