15 Tips For The Perfect Ibiza Getaway

Ibiza has become one of the most popular destinations in the world the last few decades. Its alluring landscapes and unrivaled nightlife have set it apart from other travel destinations. Here are 15 tips that will help you plan a perfect Ibiza getaway.

1. Be Aware Of The Clubbing Season

Clubs are open from May to October in what is called the “Clubbing Season.” Parties at the beginning and ending of the season are often the highlights of each year.

Dalt Vila (Andy Flatman/Wikimedia Commons)

Dalt Vila (Andy Flatman/Wikimedia Commons)

2. Visit Dalt Vila

This location has been highlighted as an UNESCO World Heritage site. Visitors can take in beautiful views as they travel though historical monuments such as Santo Domingo Church. The Museo Puig des Molins also features a large collection of Roman artifacts.



3. Try The Local Cuisine

Sometimes its tempting to stay with cuisine that we know, but venture out to try the delicious seafood offerings. Ibiza is known for dishes that include swordfish, grouper and turbot. Take time to enjoy local dishes, especially those with a Spanish influence like paella.

Chris Harvey / Shutterstock.com

Chris Harvey / Shutterstock.com

4. Never go in August

If possible, avoid travel to Ibiza during August. Prices tend to be higher as crowds grow to their largest annual levels. It’s also difficult to find hotels that have vacancies. Oh, and you can forget about transportation options such as rental cars.

Playa d'en Bossa (Scanbus/Wikimedia Commons)

Playa d’en Bossa (Scanbus/Wikimedia Commons)

5. Some Beaches Are More Crowded Than Others

Playa d’en Bossa is a very popular beach that usually features large crowds of tourists. Other beaches such as Cala Tarida and Cala Llarga feature a more quiet, relaxing atmosphere to get away from some of the crowds — especially if you ignore #4 and go in August.

(Yumi Kimura/Wikimedia Commons)

(Yumi Kimura/Wikimedia Commons)

6. Stay Safe

Safety should be an important part of any trip and a visit to Ibiza should be no different. Watch your surroundings at all times. Never walk alone and always know the location of your travel companions.

Ibiza Gathering (JanManu/Wikimedia Commons)

Ibiza Gathering (JanManu/Wikimedia Commons)

7. Enjoy Local Festivals And Holidays

Ibiza is known for its colorful as well as historical celebrations. Semana Santa offers Easter week celebrations with traditional religious themes, while the Ibiza Carnival brings a party atmosphere to the entire island. In particular, Christmas is an important holiday to most citizens with observances held throughout the season.

8. Aguamar Water Park

If you are looking for a more traditional theme park experience, try Aguarmar Water Park. Guests can experience water slides or just spend time in the large on site pools. 


Boat on the Chobe river, Botswana (Shutterstock)

9. Find The Right Boat Trip

Boat trips are a popular choice with tourists, but choosing the right one depends on each visitor. Some operators run boat tours that feature fast adventures for the daredevils of your group, while others promote quiet glass bottom boat experiences.

shopping alps

Courtesy of Matteo Merzi/Flickr.com

10. Visit Shops In San Antonio

San Antonio is home to a wide range of shops. These retail outlets include local sellers promoting souvenirs produced in the area. Be aware that prices may be slightly higher for items due to the location.

(Ilya Plekhanov/Wikimedia Commons)

(Ilya Plekhanov/Wikimedia Commons)

11. Rent A Taxi or Car Instead Of Public Transportation

Public transportation is a popular option for travelers, but taxis offer more conveniences. Guests can quickly reach their designation and avoid the numerous stops at other areas. Be aware that taxis are hard to find during early morning hours of the club season.

12. Look At Apartments Or Villa Instead Of Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms are often the first thought for travelers, but apartments as well as villas are available across the island. Some feature better views and a less crowded experience than the most popular hotels. This is also a great choice if you are thinking of a longer stay.

tour group

Courtesy of Daniel Farrell/Flickr.com

13. Purchase Passes To Avoid Club Lines

Lines are often one of the top complaints as guests visit local clubs. Many venues and companies offer passes that avoid these long waits. Keep in mind that all companies may not be reputable, so do some research before purchasing any offers.

14. Plan A Day For Rest And Relaxation

Travelers to Ibiza sometimes complain of feeling sick or exhausted from its sometimes hectic atmosphere. For that reason, plan a spa day or extended time at the beach. This break helps anyone get through the following days of excitement.

Old Town Harbour, Ibiza (David Sim/ Wikimedia Commons)

Old Town Harbour, Ibiza (David Sim/ Wikimedia Commons)

15. Consider Traveling In Winter Months

Ibiza is home to mild winters that feature little to no rainfall. Prices are significantly cheaper than summer months and crowd sizes are noticeably reduced. Be sure to bring a light jacket and long sleeves for nights when there is a chill in the air.

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