Travel Tip of the Day: Traveling While Sick

Nobody wants to travel while sick, but sometimes it just happens. Especially now that it’s that time of year (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) with many people traveling to Africa.

You’ve purchased a plane ticket that cost you US$2000, and you are going to go, sneezing or not, you say.

If you must go, here are some things you should know to help protect yourself from other travelers, and of course, to make sure you don’t get even sicker.

First of all, please don’t put your fingers anywhere, and be sure to carry hand sanitizer — use it liberally.

Bring the tissues as well, plenty of them, and please don’t leave them in the seat back in front of you. That’s just nasty.

As for your safety, when flying at altitudes, being congested can cause your eardrums to hurt (and even rupture). Make sure you take a decongestant before flying, and if you have an ear infection, you might just have to cancel that trip after all.

You could also carry a disposable face mask if you have a serious case of sneezing to help protect fellow travelers. You might not look that cool, but you’ll be doing us all a favor.

Of course, before traveling anywhere internationally with a cough or sneezing fit, it’s best to see your doctor first to make sure you don’t have something far worse.

So get better, stay safe, and enjoy your travels.



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