Travel Tip Of The Day: Donate Your Used Luggage

Face it, that 10-year-old suitcase your mom gave you as a graduation gift just isn’t cutting it anymore.

The pull-out handle won’t lift up properly, the zipper takes two minutes to close, and the side handle has a piece of metal coming out of it that almost cuts your hand.

Instead of dealing with this anymore, and before you leave it out in the rain by the dumpster to get ruined, why not donate your used luggage to a good cause? Besides, it’s been a decade, get yourself some new luggage!

There are several places that will take it such as Suitcases For Kids¬†that operates in the U.S., or Pack for a Purpose¬†(that allows you to pack up supplies for a needy community) — you can leave them the luggage when you get there.

If neither of these options work, there are plenty of other local nonprofit organizations that would gladly accept it and give it to a needy family.

And remember…before you donate it, nobody wants your musty odors in their house, so take some baking soda and put it in there for a few days to eliminate it before donating.

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