15 Reasons Why Every City Needs A Cat Cafe

Cat cafes are booming, thanks to Japan. Cat lovers can rejoice that this new approach to animal adoption is doing superbly and it’s rapidly coming up in new cities every year. Crazy cat ladies can attest to this near-perfect solution of 15 reasons why every city needs a cat cafe.

therapeutic cat

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1. It’s therapeutic

Scientific studies show that being around cats reduce stress, diabetes and other medical issues. This means that being around cats are literally good for you.  Forget the apple —  a cat a day, keeps the doctor away.

cat cafe 1

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2. It increases the chance of cats getting adopted

People love niche markets. Cat cafes stand out among regular shelters and increase adoptions due to more people flocking to the cafes.

two cats

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3. Cats can be your muse

Have that writer’s block? Head over to the cat cafe and let them inspire you for your new story. Cats make excellent muses and can relax your thinking.

cat cute

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4. You can bring your anti-cat friends to convert them

Everyone has that one friend that dislike cats for no good reason. This person will go on a tirade about how awesome dogs are (which they are) but will sneer at every cat. This person most likely never had the chance to be around cats and just don’t get what the commotion is about. Cat cafes are an excellent opportunity to let your friend warm up to them.

kids cats

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5. You can teach your kids to be gentle with them

Kids without pets can find themselves insecure, afraid, or not able to handle animals. Parents can bring their kids (with heavy supervision) and educate them on the proper behavior around animals. Who knows, once your kids get comfortable around cats, you might be ready for a furry addition to the family.

grey cat

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6. It provides a “cat fix” for those who cannot own cats

Unfortunately, not every housing facility allows pets, barring people from adopting cats. Many cat lovers that are faced with this burden can often get their “fix” by coming to the cafe.

cat muse

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7. You can find out their real personalities

When cats are crated (like you would find in many shelters), cats can become insecure and act differently than they would in a normal, comfortable environment. At cat cafes, you will get a glimpse of their real personalities and have a better idea what they will be like if you take them home.

cat cafe japan

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8. Cat Cafes are mostly non-for-profit

When you pay your entrance fee or buy that cup of coffee, your money is not going to some corporate CEO’s second yacht mortgage. Instead, your money will go to a good cause — running the facility that ensures the wellness of the lovable felines.


Courtesy of Akaitori/Flickr.com

9. It keeps cats off the streets and healthy

Cat cafes, like most regular non-for-profit shelters screen their cats for any health issues (feline leukemia, heartworms, etc) and provide regular vaccinations. Most cat cafes (if not all) require every cat to be spayed or neutered to reduce cat overpopulation, unlike street cats.

cat playing

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10. Cats can learn to be more playful and friendly

The more a cat interacts with humans, the more adoptable he/she will become. Being in a cat cafe setting will give them a much-needed attention that they will not find often in a regular shelter. Play with them, scratch their heads, and let them get accustomed to being around people.

raise awareness

Courtesy of Takashi Hososhima/Flickr.com

11. Cat Cafes help raise awareness

Cat cafes volunteers/employees will use this special place to educate the public about cat handling, spaying/neutering, adoption, and breed. At cat cafes, you will find knowledgeable people who can answer any questions you may have regarding cats.

cat cafe 2

Courtesy of Feline DaCat/Flickr.com

12. It’s a no-kill shelter

Contributing your money to cat cafes will support a shelter that strictly enforces a no-kill policy unlike most government-owned animal shelters.

cat lovers

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13. You can meet other cat lovers

What’s a better place to meet other cat enthusiasts than a cat cafe? You can meet people of various backgrounds, race, and beliefs, but they will all share one thing in common — their love of cats.

strict rules

Courtesy of Takashi Hososhima/Flickr.com

14. Strict rules are enforced

And this is a good thing. Cat cafes have strict policies to not pick up the cats, pet while they’re asleep, or play too roughly. This ensures the mental well-being of cats (and for your safety). Cats also have a separate room they can escape to if they do not want to be petted anymore.

15. What beats reading a book, drinking coffee and having a cat on your lap?

Seriously, when the combination falls into place — you’ve got it made.

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