Travel Tip Of The Day: Don’t Rush When Haggling

In markets and souks throughout Africa, haggling is the name of the game, but vendors can spot an inexperienced haggler from a mile away.

One way to get better at haggling is by getting a scope of the area first, especially if you have a few days to explore before a purchase.

Try wandering around the area to see what is there, listen in on what things are going for, and compare prices between vendors.

Make some notes of the things you want and what vendor had them (though there is no guarantee it will still be there!) After you have your game plan, return the next day and get some serious deals.

Even if you don’t end up getting what you want, strolling through the markets is an experience in itself.

Also, never buy anything when you are with a guide or tour group, this will no doubt raise the price of whatever you are buying. Sometimes guides are in cahoots with some of the vendors and take a commission on everything when you aren’t looking. Buyer beware, and good luck!


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