15 Airport Shopping Options That May Surprise You

When you think about shopping destinations, the airport is probably the farthest from your mind — but think again. Airports throughout the world are changing the way you spend time between flights with some amazing shopping options.

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1. Designer Fashions

Famous designers are finding their way to airports with boutiques or large stores for all your last minute fashion needs. Look for Prada and Yves Saint Laurent at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. Thomas Pink and Mulberry have set up retail locations in London’s Heathrow Airport.

Eyeshadow (Evi Michailidou/Wikimedia Commons)

Eyeshadow (Evi Michailidou/Wikimedia Commons)

2. Name Brand Cosmetics

Cosmetics are no longer just for duty free shops. Kiehl’s and M.A.C operate stores in airports such as Changi Airport in Singapore. Look for hard to find cosmetic brands as well as local skin care products at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport.

Tsavorite garnets (Dauvit Alexander/Flickr)

Tsavorite garnets (Dauvit Alexander/Flickr)

3. Jewelry

Treat yourself or someone you love with the some of the finest jewelry selections in the world. Frankfurt Airport is home to a Bvlgari location that features alluring choices from the famous company. New York’s JFK Airport is home to a Cartier boutique highlighting popular items from each collection.

4. Liquor

Liquor sales have expanded thanks to airports such as McCarran Airport. This Las Vegas hub features its own liquor store that awaits new arrivals as well as departing passengers. Top brands and less costly options feature prominently throughout this location.

Ceramic plates in Accra (Shutterstock)

Ceramic plates in Accra (Shutterstock)

5. Dinnerware

If you are looking for a quick way to update your own dining experience than grab a few plates or a full set of dinnerware. Dublin Airport offers selections from Belleek China as well as Waterford.

Fresh Cut Flowers (Julie/Ainali/Wikimedia Commons)

Fresh Cut Flowers (Julie/Ainali/Wikimedia Commons)

6. Flowers

Nothing beats the smell of fresh flowers as a pick me up as a delay continues. Local vendors offer their own creations as well as live plants at Changi Airport. Other airports present smaller choices but the purchase point may be located at baggage claim.

Victoria's Secret (Wonderlane/Wikimedia Commons)

Victoria’s Secret (Wonderlane/Wikimedia Commons)

7. Lingerie

Famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret has placed retail locations in airports across the world including Los Angeles International Airport. The company’s success has encouraged other brands to set up their own stores that sell more than just traditional lingerie.

8. Toys

Toy stores have become more prominent as business travelers search for last minute gifts for their children. The businesses are looking for ways to reach families as they withstand those long wait times. Pierre-Elliott Airport in Montreal features toys from Aero Toy Store while Hong Kong International Airport includes its own toys and games store.

9. Electronics

Electronics have long been a favorite of travelers but buying replacement pieces or a whole new entertainment experience was confined to outside terminal walls. That is no longer the case, thanks to major brands such as Bose who established its shops in major airports including Hong Kong International Airport.

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10. Fine Wines

Many airports offer duty free stores that sell alcoholic beverages but vineyards and wine makers are going a step farther to get your business. San Francisco International Airport offers specialty locations that highlight the wide selection of wines found in nearby Napa Valley.

art gallery


11. Art

Museums are working to reach everyone with special locations in select airports. Airport Schiphol in Amsterdam features a rotating group of their finest paintings. Unfortunately, these choices are not for sale but you can find some great prints or other souvenirs related to the display throughout the airport.

12. Watches

Keep track of time is style as name brands open their own airport shops. Some have a local flavor such as Seiko Timepieces at Narita Airport while others promote an international influence like Zurich Airport’s IWC Scaffhausen.

Car In Dubai Airport (Farhan-sagittarius/Wikimedia Commons)

Car In Dubai Airport (Farhan-sagittarius/Wikimedia Commons)

13. Cars

Local dealerships are seeing the possibilities of cross promotion with airports. Many will even meet consumers to arrange test drives during their layovers or schedule delivery if a vehicle is purchased. Expect more fees for the convenience of automobile shopping while on the go.

14. Chocolate

Anyone with a sweet tooth can appreciate the change from average candy bars. Godiva has fully stocked locations at airports including Australia’s Sydney Airport. San Francisco icon Ghirardelli also operates a special location created just for San Francisco International airport.

needles and medicine


15. Medication

More airports are opening pharmacies or allowing pharmacies to operate in terminals. This is especially helpful for travelers with serious medical conditions. Several pharmacies can be found at Dubai International Airport and its facilities have become a model for other locations. Keep in mind that other airports may just focus on over the counter options.

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