15 Great Places To Take A Date In Atlanta

Atlanta is a charming city to fall in love. With the city’s almost-perfect weather, historical buildings, lush greenery, and romantic vibe, Atlanta has multiple locations to dazzle a date. From fine dining to country-side hikes, here are 15 great places in Atlanta to take a date.

piedmont park

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1. Piedmont Park/Atlanta Botanical Garden

Head over to Piedmont Park in the heart of Atlanta and go for a romantic stroll around the park. Small vendors selling popsicles can be found scattered throughout the park to treat your date. For a better view, pay a fee to enter the botanical garden and let your date be enamored by the fine topiary craftsmanship and orchids. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. 


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 2. Sundial Restaurant, Bar and View

Why take your date to a regular restaurant when you can go higher (literally)? On top of the high-rise Westin Plaza, Sundial Restaurant offers a 360-degree view of the city. You and your date can enjoy the aerial view that Atlanta has to offer. Be sure to attend during dinner rather than lunch –that way you both can admire the sunset and the sparkling lights of Atlanta.


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3. Starlight Drive-in Theater

Make this date into an old-fashioned charming time by going to one of the country’s few drive-in theaters left. Be sure to pack some snacks (chocolate is advised) and a warm blanket (depending on the weather), and dalliance like the olden days.

dr. bombay's

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4. Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party

While this tea shop may not be the most popular destination to take a date, it’s definitely a fun idea. Dr. Bombay’s offers high noon tea parties with scones and fine china. Be sure to book an appointment in advance so they can reserve a romantic spot for you and your date.

oakland cemetery

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5. Tour the Oakland Cemetery

While many people might find this to be an odd choice of a date, Oakland Park is a picturesque spot with with a rich history and exquisitely-carved tombstones. Join the tour to learn more about the site or explore on your own with your date.

stone mountain

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6. Stone Mountain

Only a few minutes outside of Atlanta lies a famous large rock formation called Stone Mountain. Go for a hike, reach the top, and share the spectacular view. On a certain time of the year, you can take your date after the hike to the picnic ground and watch a night-time laser-light show.

7. Bacchanalia

What’s a better way to woo your date than treating him/her to a five-course meal at one of Atlanta’s most sought-after restaurants? Try your hand at being adventurous eaters by sampling sea urchins or crab fritters. Afterwards, you can explore the upscale gift shop attached to the restaurant to buy an after-dinner treat.


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8. Serenbe

Just an hour south of Atlanta is home to a little-known location — Serenbe. This small town is a new planned community designed around an organic farm. You can explore the quiet nature before visiting the town’s square for fresh organic meals. 

9. Canoe Restaurant

This Atlanta restaurant is known for its breathtaking view that overlooks a private secluded lake. Canoe is widely reputed by locals to serve one of the best fine dining meals that money can buy.

old roswell mill

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10. Old Roswell Mill

Head over to Chattahoochee River near Roswell Mill and admire the old defunct mill. You can hike the forest, go waterfall watching, and walk across a bridge over Vickery Creek. 

fox theater

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11. Fox Theater

Find out what show is currently playing at Fox Theater and book some tickets. If you haven’t been to Fox Theater, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find how gorgeous and upscale the theater looks from the inside. You and your date will feel like living your living in an F. Scott Fitzgerald story.


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12. Sweetwater Brewery

For a casual date, take a trip to a popular local brewery to learn about the production of your favorite beer. Sample several beers, discuss which has the best flavors, and lounge in the bar. 

georgia aquarium

Courtesy of Girish/Flickr.com

13. Georgia’s Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium might be a cliche spot, but it’s a definite fail-safe place to take a date. As long you take your date on a school night (to avoid being around too many kids), the aquarium is a spectacular spot to admire the ocean’s magnificent creatures and makes for great conversations to fill in any possible awkward silence.

14. Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint

Nothing is more of a southern date than romancing with a live jazz band playing while you eat your gourmet shrimp n’ grits. Screen the website for a special jazz night, and make that reservation.

wolf mountain

Courtesy of Daniel Horne/Flickr.com

15.  Wolf Mountain Vineyard

An hour drive north lies several vineyards that make for romantic spots. Wolf Mountain Vineyard offer its own wine tasting, an extravagant dining menu, and a scenic view to go along with it.

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