Travel Tip Of The Day: Collecting Items On Vacation

If you’re looking for something to cheaply add another dimension to your vacation in Africa, why not pick a special item to collect when you are out and about.

Whether it’s seashells, leaves, stones, or traditional crafts, collecting a certain item can make for an adventure and give you a creative outlet for your trip.

When you get back home, you can put together a collage of the places you were or an art project to show people what you were able to find.

This also puts a much more interesting twist on things than just snapping off some pictures or taking postcards.

And unlike snapping a random photo or keeping a post card, putting the mental effort into finding items will physically bond your memories with the area.

Whatever it is you decide to collect, just make sure you can actually take it, for instance, some national parks won’t allow you to disturb anything.


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