Travel Tip Of The Day: When To Travel With Kids

In general, children are much more sensitive to extremes than adults, and given that Africa is a country of extremes, it’s good to plan your travel time accordingly.

When it’s hot, dehydration can be a major issue if you are out and about. Traveling when it’s hottest might save you on fares, but can also increase the risk of bugs.

Likewise, a hike into the hills might not be the best idea to keep warm. Even if it’s fresh and crisp to you, your children’s hands might be turning to icicles.

While the kids will probably fare better health-wise in the cold than the heat, you can probably expect some complaining — lots of complaining.

So with children, stick with the Goldilocks rule, get the weather just right and mild (not too hot, not too cold) for an optimal vacation.

With Africa, every country varies, so be sure to look online to see monthly average temps before booking your trip.

You might have to pay a bit more for prime weather, but being able to enjoy a great family vacation without the nuisance of extreme weather will be worth it.

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