15 Things To Do In Antarctica

Are you serious? You might ask us. Why, yes. We are serious. In fact, Antarctica can be a pleasant experience for thrill seekers, travelers, and nature lovers worldwide during a certain time of the year. So pack up your parkas and thermal underwear, book that trip and embrace yourself for a life-changing trip. Antarctica is a (frozen) paradise, here are 15 things to do in Antarctica.


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1. Visit Port Lockroy

Port Lockroy is a British Territory that has its own Museum, a post office, and a defunct whaling harbor. Today, the harbor is loaded with penguins, making this destination a must-see to mingle with the funny, flightless birds.

wildlife sighting

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2. Wildlife sighting

Antarctica is home to a wondrous collection of wildlife such as sea lions, penguins, blue whales, and orcas. You will never see an abundance of natural wildlife than Antarctica, the land mostly untouched by humans.


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3. Helicopter ride

Embark on a helicopter ride to view the wintery wonderland from the top. A helicopter ride in the arctic will forever change you as a person.

zodiac cruise

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4. Take the Zodiac cruise

The Zodiac cruise is a small cruise that carries only a handful of passengers to explore the arctic water. Available to book only a certain time of the year to avoid icebergs, this cruise is an excellent opportunity to look at glaciers up close and possibly sight blue whales.


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5. Kayak

Again, depending on the time of the year and weather, kayaking is doable in Antarctica with an experienced tour guide. There is nothing like kayaking the icy water and seeing penguins swim past you.

lemaire channel

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6. Explore the Lemaire Channel

Lemaire Channel is one of the top tourist destinations for a very good reason. The snow-tipped mountains with steep cliffs and iceberg passages make for breathtaking views. Bring your best camera, just don’t drop it in the icy water.

deception bay

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7.  Go for a swim at Deception Island

Yes, you heard us right. It’s possible to take a dip in the natural water of Antarctica, but only at Deception Island — a bay that is heated up by an active volcano sizzling underneath. A natural hot springs, Deception Island is a great way to warm up and still experience the unbelievable snowy outdoor environment.


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8. Go camping

Along with a tour guide, camping is relatively safe during a certain time of the year. Put this on your bucket list and wake up in the morning to a long snowy field of nothingness. Many people report this trek to be very calming and a mind-altering experience.

antarctica people

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9. Hang out with the locals

Antarctica is home to 4,000 residents that consists mostly of students or researchers. Talk to a local, and who knows they might invite you to visit their bases and see their research facilities. 

south pole

Courtesy of NASA Goodard Space Flight/Flickr.com

10. Visit the South Pole

Visiting the South Pole is a rarer experience than visiting the North Pole. While there isn’t much waiting for you at the South Pole, you can walk away being one of the handful of people on the planet to ever venture the southernmost point of the planet. 

mcmurdo station

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11. McMurdo Station

Make McMurdo Station a destination to visit. Located on the southern tip of Ross Island, McMurdo Station has an impressive observation deck that allows you to see Antarctica 754′ high up in the air. Several monuments at the site are dedicated to previous expeditioners and founders of the station.

aurora lights

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12. View the Aurora Australis

Antarctica is the perfect spot to view a night-time phenomenon when the sky turns into a glistening neon green/yellow light. Not many people can say they’ve experienced seeing the Aurora Australis in person, so this is a definite must-to-do on your bucket list.

13. Go drinking

Head down to Verdansky’s base and visit their cozy bar adorned with souvenirs. There you will meet many local students and researchers mingling over their brewskis.

14. Dine

Eat some Ukrainian food in the last place you’d expect, Antarctica! Navoyka is a restaurant inside the Ukrainian base that serves authentic borscht, dumplings, and fowl. If you’re feeling more daring, the impressive menu also includes exotic imported meat such as elephants (not recommended), okapi, rams, colossal squids, manatees, and penguins (leaving us wondering why Andrew Zimmern hasn’t paid a visit yet).

whale bone

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15. Blog about your trip

Use this rare opportunity to blog! Whether it’s keeping an online journal or video blogging, many people are highly curious about this mysterious land. Chances are, you’ll get a lot of viewers because of the lack of people covering their trips.

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