Travel Tip Of The Day: Consider Family-Friendly Destinations

While you might want to go white-water rafting or on an eight-hour hike through the jungle, your kids might not enjoy that so much. Instead, consider a family-friendly destination when you travel to Africa.

There are plenty of lodges and safari outfitters that are great for kids and still pack in enough action for adults. Many of these even have babysitting services and cool activities to keep the young ones occupied.

Vacations don’t have to be a bore-fest for the kids where they have to play with an iPad app the whole time, let them get some hands on education instead with a safari guide or trained wildlife expert.

And if a hotel doesn’t list what its offering are for kids, make sure to call them up, as not all of them list the full amenities.

For more info on traveling with kids to Africa, check out What You Need To Know Before Traveling To Africa With Kids.

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