Travel Tip Of The Day: Don’t Stay “Too” Connected

In the modern world of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Pinterest, Tumblr and… well, you get the picture — we are simply bombarded with technology everywhere we go.

And while it’s nice to stay connected to family, update your blog, and put your latest safari photos or trip up Table Mountain on Instagram, there is such thing as being “too” connected.

We get it, you just spent a few thousand on a plane trip to Africa and want to share and shout out to people.

But when your head is down looking at your phone or tablet, you never get quite lost in the moment, and you’re just asking to miss something exciting.

Don’t be the Instagram paparazzi or minute-by-minute blogger on your first ever WordPress account.

Instead, take the path of moderation. Bring your tech, but put it away for most of the day. Just get out there and enjoy the day, the Facebook status updates and Instagram uploads can wait until you are back at your hotel.

Besides, once you are actually offline for awhile, you’re friends will be even happier to hear from you.

And when you are back at home, you’ll be glad you didn’t waste any of that precious time with your face glued to your phone.

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