Travel Tip Of The Day: Carry Wet Wipes

Whether you are eating greasy street food, out on a walking safari, or camping in the wilderness, wet wipes can be your best friend in Africa.

Compact and easy to carry, these little guys are great to throw in your pocket or day-pack and to make you just so fresh so clean.

You can use them on your face to clean off the dirt after a day out hiking or get that sweaty feeling off your hands.

Or after that greasy pizza dripped off or that frozen yogurt melted¬†allover you, wet wipes are there to save you when you don’t have a convenient place to wash up.

Not only do they get you all cleaned up, most brands on the market are now antibacterial and kill any germs you might have picked up.

So next time you are heading out on an adventure, be sure to pick this cheap item up and stash it away.

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