Travel Tip Of The Day: Be Prepared For Downtime

If you’re traveling in Africa, especially on an a safari, overland venture, or weekend excursion, you should be prepared for downtime.

Some of the drives between destination cities and wildlife areas can be several hours long, as Africa is of course a huge continent (much bigger than the U.S. or Europe). Things tend to move a bit slower as well.

Expect a lot of driving, and expect delays through less developed countries (many of which don’t have the best road infrastructure).

If you happen to be on a wilderness safari, there can be quite a bit of hanging around in the evenings or early morning hours with not much to do.

Sometimes you might even have to wait a day due to a road closure, inclement weather, or other act of Mother Nature.

So bring your Kindle, iPad, a journal, music device, several books and whatever else you need to pass the time.

Africa is truly a place to get away from it all and rejuvenate.

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