Travel Tip Of The Day: Use Cling Wrap

Tired of getting shaving cream or suntan lotion allover your small travel bag? Angry that all of your clothes now smell like mouth wash? Then just use some cling wrap next time you travel to Africa.

Seals just don’t work when packed under pressure and being jostled around, and while a freezer bag might be great to hold leftover chili,¬†don’t attempt it when flying over 30,000 feet.

Instead, take off the lid of whatever bottle you have, put about a tissue sized amount of cling wrap around the lid, then reseal it the lid back on.

While it still might bust inside, it’s going to be pretty hard for any mess to leak out.

So next time you are going to Africa (or anywhere for that matter) wrap your personal care items tightly in cling wrap.

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