15 Reasons Why Honey Badgers Are Awesome

Honey Badgers don’t care! These sub-Saharan African creatures are a nuisance to society, yet we cannot help but love them for their intelligence and cunning.  From ripping off private parts to withstanding venomous snake bites, these honey badgers do not give a damn. Here are 15 reasons why honey badgers are awesome.

1. They’re fiercely intelligent

Honey badgers are quite clever and can outwit many traps or battles. Badgers can sense when something is wrong and get into an attack mode to intimidate any unwanted predators.

2. They’re not really badgers

They’re actually weasels with massive strength for their size. This bulky muscular creature has insanely sharp claws that can literally shred a cow into an uncooked pastrami.

3. They’re nocturnal

Although you can see them during the day, honey badgers are mostly nocturnal creatures. The badgers can wreck havoc and plot destruction in the darkness while everyone is asleep and unaware of their pillaging.

4. They’re incredibly immune to venom

Honey badgers love to feast on venomous snakes. This animal is so tough that it willingly sustains poisonous bites from its prey. Once the snake is killed, the badger passes out from the venom only to wake up a few minutes later unscathed and ready to munch on his dinner.

5.  They go right for the “sensitive spot”

By sensitive spot, we mean testicles. Honey badgers are so cunning that they know exactly what hurts (and humiliates) their competitor by literally ripping their balls off with their razor sharp teeth. Lions, hyaenas, rhinos, and civets have died due to this embarrassing defeat. 

6. They’re truly mama’s boys

The young are known to stick with their mother twice as long than real badgers. In fact, they stay with their mother so long that they often outgrew their mothers in size.

7. They aren’t called honey badgers for nothing

Unfortunately to beekeepers in Africa, the menacing honey badgers love to get their dirty paws into the hives and have been known to destroy many beekeeping businesses.  Of course, the swarming bees doesn’t always stop the honey badgers (as they don’t care), and the ruthless nine-pound creature  can survive up to 300 bee stings.

8. They annoy the hell out of local farmers

Farmers wish they were dealing with sly foxes or coyotes, as long it’s not the honey badger. A menace to farmers, the pesky badgers are known to sneak their way in and kill off farmer’s livestock. Farmers have tirelessly tried to badger-proof their farm, only to get outwitted by the badger every time.

9. They make the world’s worst pets

If you ever thought to yourself; “hey, I think I’ll go out and get a honey badger for a pet”, do yourself a favor and don’t. Even the most expertly trained gamekeepers prefer lions, hyaenas, and hippos over badgers (yes, that’s how menacing honey badgers truly are).

10. They have thick skin (literally and figuratively)

When attacked by much larger predators, honey badger’s skin are so thick that predators have difficultly penetrating their skin with their claws. Honey badgers also have the unique ability to “rotate” their skin, meaning if a lion should grab one by the buttocks, the badger can easily turn around and gouge the lion’s eyes out. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t always work, and the badger ends up as a snack. 

11. They can easily crush a tortoise’s shell with their teeth

These stupidly strong creatures are so powerful that they have been sighted to snap a tortoise’s shell in half with just one bite!

12. They have a “wingman”– a honey guide

Honey badgers often find themselves with a trusty companion, a honey guide bird. Aware of the badger’s cunning strength, this bird will lead the hungry animal to the beehive and wait patiently for any scraps the badger left behind for his pal.

13. They snack on termites and ants

If they can withstand the sting of hundreds of bees, well you get the picture. Termites and ants don’t even begin to phase these guys.

14. They’re so hardcore that they’re rumored to be man-eating

During the British occupation of Basra, Iraq in 2007, local rumors were told about herd of man-eating badgers being released by British soldiers. The local residents were terrified of this fable and had to be reassured that there was indeed, no man-eating badgers looming around their city.  However, it’s still haven’t been “proven” that badgers cannot do this.

15. They’re the world’s most fearless creature

According to Guinness World Records, Honey Badgers won the title of the most fearless creature to ever scamper (and devastate) across the planet.

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