Travel Tip Of The Day: Protecting Your Digital Privacy

When traveling in Africa (especially on business), you might find yourself on a plane or train next to somebody who’s prying eyes probably shouldn’t be looking at your stuff.

Another thing you want to avoid is people snooping Wi-Fi traffic when you are in a coffee shop or hotel lobby.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep somebody from staring at your work docs or private photo moments that weren’t meant for outsiders to look at.

When you are connecting to a Wi-Fi network, always make sure you put the connection as a public network. It’sĀ also good to clear out your cache just in case somebody is trying to look before logging onto it.

Frequently changing your passwords and making them complicated will also help.

Encrypting your hard drive is another option (especially in the case your hardware is stolen). Many modern hard drives allow this and it can be used with BitLocker on Windows or FileVault Protection on a Mac.

Finally, 3M makes a great screen protector filter that will block out almost all viewing angles except if you are looking straight on.

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