Travel Tip Of The Day: How To Bargain In Africa

Africa may or may not be like the country you are coming from when it comes to shopping, but one thing is for certain, the price somebody gives you in Africa isn’t always final.

When you’re buying souvenirs or crafts, be sure to bargain bargain bargain.

There is no need to feel shy or uncomfortable about it either; it’s expected and part of the culture.

The initial price somebody gives might be outrageously high, a good way to avoid this is to not ask for the price up front, but to get to know the shopkeeper and talk with them for awhile.

You should also never look that interested in the item you want, a sure way to drive the price up.

Also, try to get the shopkeeper to suggest a price for you first, don’t tell them how much you will pay first if you can (of course look shocked when they suggest it).

Once they suggest a price, try to go down at least half on your initial counter offer. From there, let the bargaining begin, and best of luck!

If you treat it as a game of trying to get the lowest price, you’re less likely to feel uncomfortable doing it and will get easier the more you try.

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