15 Signs You Have A Bad Case Of Wanderlust

One of the worst feelings is to desperately want to travel, and not be able to due to financial constraints or pesky responsibilities. Call it a “First World Problem,” but it still sucks. Perhaps you’re in this unfortunate predicament right now? Here are some signs that you’ve got wanderlust — the bad, sad kind.

If your house were to burn down, you’d save your passport

Even if you know, realistically, that you can’t jump on a plane anytime soon, you passport is still your Number One Possession. If you’re dying to travel I can guarantee you that your passport is very important to you. Then come your pets, then partner. In that order. You also probably keep your passport in a very safe place, and every now and then you take it out to look at the old, faded stamps. The stamps are possibly tear-stained, too.

You follow international politics, closely

Especially in the countries on your “bucket list.” Coups, revolutions, assassinations — you’ve got your finger on the political pulse. Although you prefer to tell yourself that you just have a strong desire for “world peace.” On the contrary, you have no idea what’s happening at home. 

You follow the exchange rate, closely

If you have the bad kind of wanderlust, you’re constantly aware of what’s happening in international markets. Bulls, bears — you know all about it. And when the exchange rate is good, your mood is bad. Very bad.

Your pets think you’re the house-sitter

In order to try make the terrible wanderlust abate — even just for a short while — many weekend getaways ensue. So many, in fact, that if you have pets, they probably hardly ever see you. And they hate you for it.

Your travel agent is your BFF

A sure sign that you’ve got wanderlust bad is that you’re constantly at your local travel agent. Or you’re browsing for travel deals online — but it’s a little more satisfying, and tormenting, to go into an actual travel agency (depends on how masochistic you are at the end of the day). You may think that your travel agent is your BFF because of all the communicating you do — but they’re not. 

Your travel agent despises you

If you have wanderlust, but you can’t afford to actually go anywhere — stop wasting travel agents’ time. They don’t like it when you “just browse.” All the time.

You have a hoarding problem

Along with travel agents groaning as soon as you step in their shop, you’ll also have a rather impressive/scary collection of various travel brochures and outdated tour specials.

You’re ready to quit your job at the drop of a hat

You want to quit your job so badly that you even have a letter of resignation printed out, in your desk drawer. You’re just waiting for the right moment — but, deep down, you know it’s not coming anytime soon. 

You’ve turned down a marriage proposal

Potential world exploration requires minimal responsibilities — such as bonds, small children, and the words that strike fear into anyone with wanderlust: “settling down.” Even if you know that travel won’t happen anytime soon, you still live in hope and like to keep your options open.

You read newspapers only for the travel section

This goes for other travel-related reading: magazines, guidebooks, hell, even maps. 

The airport is your favorite hang-out

Wanderlust will make you do weird things: like hang out alone at the airport just so that you can soak up some “international” vibes. 

You buy a backpack instead of taking your car to the shop

Wanderlust will skew your priorities — or make them clearer, depends how far along (or delusional) the wanderlust is.

You prefer “international” relationships

If you’re dating, the bad kind of wanderlust will make you want to be with people from other countries. Mainly to get insider travel tips — or a place to stay once you arrive at your destination of choice (which will, amazingly, correspond to your partner’s home country).

You watch everything in subtitles

Even if the original is in English. The bad kind of wanderlust will impel you to have a foreign experience — even if that experience isn’t real. And you’ve watched “Amelie” and “Lost in Translation” many, many times.

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