15 Famous Cats That Made Headlines

We all think our pets are special. And we’d like to think that our cats would rescue us if we should ever be in a time of distress (although, we know the truth) or have unique personalities that no one else can understand. To us, our cats are superstars. But there are some cats that stand out and have received recognition for their perks, thanks to the media. Here are 15 famous cats that made the headlines.

1. The hero cat of Bakersfield

In May 2014, what was supposed to be another ordinary day for four-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo took a turn for worse when he got mauled by a dog that escaped from its owner. Luckily, his ordeal didn’t last more than a few seconds, thanks to Tara, his pet tabby cat who came to his rescue when she immediately pounced on the dog and chased him away. Tara’s heroic effort can be seen here.

2. Casper the bus commuter

When Susan Finden adopted Casper in 2002, little did she know that she took home a very unique and special cat. Casper enjoyed being around strangers and large vehicles, so much that she would hop aboard a commuter bus. Local bus drivers became familiar with Casper’s odd habit and would let her ride with them and dropped her off at the bus stop by her home. Unfortunately, Casper died years later by a hit and run incident. Her owner, Finden wrote a book about Casper’s interesting life to celebrate her legacy.

3. Dewey Readmore Books

Dewey’s biography became an instant bestseller once his books hit the shelves. He gained his world-wide fame for being the most famous library cat that helped bring in more tourists and boosted the library’s finances.

creme puff

Courtesy of Petflow.com

4. Creme Puff

The oldest living cat ever recorded would be Creme Puff, who lived to be 38 years old. This was unheard of, since the average cat’s lifespan was only 15 years. Many still wonder what led this cat to live an abnormally long life, whether its genetics or diet, they’ll never know.

R.I.P. Creme Puff (1967-2005).

fred cat

Courtesy of Saduseless.com

5. Fred the undercover kitty

When New York Police Department suspected a veterinarian practicing without a license, they decided to go undercover. This is where Fred the cat came in. Feigning as a “sickly” cat, the undercover cop used Fred as bait to distract the vet while investigating their suspicions. The vet was quickly arrested and Fred received honors for his brave undercover duty.


Courtesy of Daviddosa.com

6. Oscar the prophet

Many hospitals and nursing homes often allow pet visitors to uplift their patient’s spirits, but there is something a bit different about Oscar, the hospice cat of Providence, Rhode Island. Oscar earned his title as a prophet, and successfully predicted whoever was going to kick the bucket next at the nursing home by curling next to them and staying with them until they perished. He has successfully predicted 50 times without fail. For current residents, it’s always bad news if Oscar should wander into your room. 

tuxedo stan

Courtesy of Tuxedostan.com

7. Tuxedo Stan

This cat garnered attention when he ran for mayor in Nova Scotia. Billboards, posters, and signs were erected and scattered throughout town to promote Tuxedo Stan. Despite this great attempt, Tuxedo Stan lost the election (and it’s probably for the best).

8. Lewis

Lewis earned the world’s attention when he was legally placed under house arrest. This cat had a terrible habit of attacking neighbors (including an Avon lady) several times. Eventually, a restraining order was filed against the cat along with a demand for euthanasia. Lewis’ owner refused to believe that her cat committed these heinous crimes unprovoked, and was able to convince the court to let her keep him confined in her home (no reports of an ankle bracelet though). 

meow cat

Courtesy of Newnownext.com

 9. Meow

Weighing almost 40 pounds, Meow broke the world record as the heaviest cat to wobble on Earth. When his elderly owner could no longer care for him and dropped him off at the shelter, the shelter’s staff was astonished at Meow’s unnatural weight and contacted the media. Despite various attempts to help him lose weight, they were only able to help him shed two pounds. Meow died due to breathing problems and complications from his weight.


Courtesy of Wikimedia.org

10. Tama the Station Master

When a station owner in Kinokawa, Japan faced a financial crisis, he was forced to lay off his staff. Instead, he worked alone with his cat, Tama whose job is to greet the customers. She officially received the title as a station master , wears a station hat, and “maintains” the station while her owner is at home. Since then, business has improved. 


Courtesy of mousebreath.com

11. Willow

The Squireses were distraught when their beloved cat Willow disappeared in Boulder, Colorado. It wasn’t until five years later that Willow was found in New York City. CNN’s newsman, Anderson Cooper personally reunited the long lost cat with her family, garnering more attention from the news.



Courtesy of Wikimedia.org

12. Stubbs the Mayor

Life was good in the town of Talkeetna, Alaska that its residents felt that a real mayor wasn’t necessary. Instead, they elected Stubbs to be their honorary mayor. He is known for drinking water only out of wineglasses and lazily watches over his sleepy town.


Courtesy of Petparadise.it

13.Hamish McHamish

In a small town in Scotland lived the ginger cat Hamish McHamish — who belonged to no one. Hamish was seen hanging around the town in his usual spots and locals started centering their tourist attractions around the cat. He had over 5,000 Facebook friends, and tourists would go out of their way to find him. The town eventually commemorated a statue of Hamish in their square. Unfortunately, Hamish died in 2014.


Courtesy of Wikimedia.org

14. Scarlett

If this story doesn’t turn you into a Weepy McGee then you’re probably not human. Scarlett gained her worldwide fame in 1996 when a fire broke out in an abandoned garage that Scarlett lived in with her kittens. When firefighters arrived to the scene, they noticed the mother cat was carrying her kittens out of the garage one by one. When she rescued her last kitten, Scarlett collapsed with exhaustion with severely burnt paws, a singed coat, and most of her features burned off. Luckily, Scarlett was able to make a full recovery and was adopted along with her surviving kittens. She died peacefully and spoiled in 2008. 

grumpy cat

Courtesy of kittenwhiskers.com

15. Grumpy Cat

The most recognizable cat to-date, Grumpy Cat whose real name is Tardar Sauce gained her notoriety for her miserable looks. Grumpy Cat became a viral meme sensation, making multiple appearances in the media. Several books are dedicated to her, and plush toys are frequently made in her image.

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