Travel Tip Of The Day: How To Avoid Motion Sickness

Africa is full of adventures that might make you queasy such as white-water rafting, train trips, epic road trips, canoeing, felucca rides down the Nile and cruises to exotic ports of call.

The last thing you need is a case of motion sickness.

The first solution for many people is to take Dramamine or another OTC medicine, though it isn’t the only way to avoid it. And sometimes it doesn’t take effect quickly enough or can give you side effects.

Here are a few more ways to avoid or get rid of it without popping a pill.

When you are out on a boat or riding a train, always look toward the horizon and try to get a seat up front if you can. Nothing starts motion sickness into its downward spiral like not being able to see where you’re going.

Thinking about riding backwards? Again, forget about it.

If you are usually prone to it or somehow get stuck on terrible seats, carry some raw ginger, it can help alleviate mild forms of motion sickness.

Another good way to avoid it is to get a pressure point bracelet. Though scientific research still isn’t conclusive, many people swear by them.

You should also stay away from heavy or pungent smelling foods if you know you are going to be rocking around.

Unfortunately, sometimes motion sickness just can’t be avoided.

So if the sickness has already started, try to stay calm and get some fresh air. The cool breeze on your face can help you get over it much faster.

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