15 Candies Nobody Wants To Get On Halloween

Halloween is the best time of the year for those of us with a sweet tooth to get our noms on. But sometimes, pitifully lame candy will be handed to trick ‘r treaters and they have no choice but to suck it up (literally). So stop being cheap. Here are 15 candies you definitely should not hand out (and nobody wants to get) on Halloween.

tootise rolls

Courtesy of Haikudeck.com

1. Tootsie Roll

Feel a whoop coming up, a whoop coming up…(that’s just us regurgitating). 

dum dums

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2. Dum Dums

Remember the big let down feeling you’d get eating these… only to have the sticky paper sticks fall apart in your mouth? And what the heck is the mystery flavor?

super bubble

Courtesy of Nuts.com

3. Super Bubble

No. Just…no. Especially when they are half-open. 

necco wafers

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4. Necco Wafer

The candy that makes you feel like you’re being punished. Can you feel the chalky taste on your teeth yet? 

mary janes

Courtesy of Wikimedia.org

5. Mary Janes

Nothing is sadder than biting onto a tasteless molasses candy. Another winner from Necco brands! The finest candy made in 1847. 


Courtesy of Candy.org

6. Sixlets

Handing out this cheap version of M&Ms is guaranteed to give you dirty looks.

7. Mini Sun-Maid Raisins

Gee thanks…what we’ve always wanted — stale sticky raisins.

8. Werther’s Original

Isn’t this the type of candy we’d find at the bottom of grandma’s purse? 

candy corn

Courtesy of Durhammag.com

7. Candy Corn

Not even this Halloween special candy could please us.


Courtesy of Dvcandy.com

8. Smarties

You always tried to trade those smarties for someone’s Milky Way (it never worked). Five packs of smarties? Nope, still not working. 

peanut butter kisses

Courtesy of Warosu.com

9. Peanut Butter Kisses

Yay! Lets get our teeth stuck together!


Courtesy of Imwan.com

10. Bit-O-Honey

This is a real treat (if you lived in the depression era).

sugar daddy

Courtesy of Candycrate.com

11. Sugar Daddy

This candy’s name doesn’t rub us the right way. 

jolly ranchers

Courtesy of Rap.genius.com

12. Jolly Ranchers

Always a pleasure to eat, if you can successfully pry its wrappers off. Even if you do get it off, half is usually nasty and melted. 

13. Dubble Bubble

You don’t even bother trying to trade them. Not even your 80 year old grandfather will take them. A nice dusting of pink powder, 30-seconds of flavor, and the stiffness of a jaw breaker makes this one an epic fail. 

good and plenty

Courtesy of Kishafwd.com

14. Good & Plenty

Licorice in a pill form? Exactly what we wanted. 


Courtesy of Excoupuk.com

15. Toothbrush

How cruel do you have to be? What are you? The schmuck-dentist-grinch of Halloween?

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