Travel Tip Of The Day: Avoiding Mosquito Bites

There’s nothing quite like a mosquito bite to make your skin look unsightly and make you itch like crazy.

It’s truly the last thing you need to worry about on vacation, especially in Africa, when many areas are prone to having malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

While taking something like Malarone can easily prevent that, it won’t prevent the bites.

To stay away from these pesky little things, one of the best things to do is avoid being outside at peak hours when they bite after dusk.

But assuming you do more than stay in your hotel room, be sure to wear long-sleeve clothing, it will protect you from getting mosquito bites, and also prevent a nasty sunburn.

Many repellents are available, try to get something with around a 10-25% DEET, available at almost any drug store or grocery store.

If you are the eco-friendly type, you can try a lemon-eucalyptus repellent instead.

Finally, if you’re sleeping somewhere that isn’t totally enclosed, be sure to request or bring a mosquito net. Fortunately, many of the remote places in Africa will already have them.

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