Travel Tip Of The Day: Always Bring A Jacket

While Africa is somewhat notorious for its heat, it can also get downright frigid, especially in areas that tourists frequent such as the desert or out on safari.

In the Sahara, daytime temps of over 100F (37C) can easily plunge to below 50F (10C) at night, making your warm-weather daytime attire useless.

Likewise, in Zimbabwe or South Africa, the days might be spectacular but a nighttime safari can easily give you chills (and not just from the lions jumping out of the bush).

So when you’re filling your suitcase with binoculars and three pairs of shoes you probably won’t use, make sure you spare some room for a nice warm jacket.

You’ll thank us when you’re warm and toasty and your friends are shivering in the back of a 4×4.

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