Travel Tip Of The Day: Be A Good Tipper

Nothing sours the mood of restaurant workers, maid staff, luggage porters, and safari guides more than somebody who doesn’t tip.

Many of these workers get paid small wages and make their living from generous and respectful travelers.

You don’t have to give them the sum of a Christmas bonus, but a little bit shows appreciation and goes a long way.

If you’re going to South Africa (as many travelers do), tipping is standard practice. And 10 to 15 percent is an appropriate tip at restaurants and bars. You should also tip gas station attendants, hotel porters, and taxi drivers and tour guides.

Other countries in Africa vary, but following this information is a pretty good guideline and will put you on your way to being a respectful traveler.

And who knows, the person you are tipping might go out of their way to show you an exclusive location or give you insider information on where to go.

Finally, if you’re going on a safari, check out our guide: Tips For Tipping On Safari.

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