Travel Tip Of The Day: Carry Duct Tape

It’s hard to find a product more useful and resilient than standard duct tape. And it’s especially handy if you are going camping, hiking, or out on safari — all typical activities people usually do while on vacation in Africa.

Here are just a few things duct tape can help you with:

  • Repair your flip-flops or shoes that fall apart
  • Repair a broken luggage handle
  • Seal up a mosquito net tight (you don’t want malaria do you?)
  • Seal a tear in your rain jacket (especially useful during rainy season)
  • Fix a tear in your tent
  • Double as a makeshift wallet (nobody will want to mug this off of you)
  • Help stop bleeding if you get cut
  • Hide stuff (tape your money/passport/etc to your stomach under your shirt)
  • Tape shut curtains in your hotel room (who wants to be awakened at sunrise?)
  • Mark your luggage (a bit of carefully placed duct tape will help you find your suitcase at the airport)

So the next time you are setting off on vacation in Africa, make sure you hit the hardware store (or your garage), and pack some duct tape.

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