15 Things That Reveal The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Solo Travel

Solo traveling may change your life for the better or you might absolutely hate it. Either way, once you start traveling solo, your perceptions on travel will without a doubt change. Here are 15 things that reveal the good, the bad and a bit of unexpected ugly about solo travel.

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1. Long Lay Overs Suck

These can be hell when traveling alone. Taking a nap requires you to wrap your body around your luggage like a pretzel and going to the bathroom means lugging all your luggage with you. Even though there’s always something to see or do, it’s those simple things that will be challenging.

2. No Shared Meals

How awkward is it going to a restaurant, staying “table for one please” and seating alone with no one to talk to. Do you want to be that person? We definitely don’t! Plus you want to try all the local cuisine and ordering all of it might look weird.

Bringing sexy back #Laos (Sarah Lane / Flickr)

Bringing sexy back #Laos (Sarah Lane / Flickr)

3. No Wing Man/Woman

Looking for love or just a casual hook-up? Let your travel buddy be your wing man/woman. But wait, you don’t have one! Looks like you going back to your hotel room alone.

4. Finding Your Self Confidence

If you’re lacking in self confidence, solo travel will force you out of your comfort zone. You’ll have to talk  to strangers, ask for directions and attempt to make new friends. It is the best way to build your self confidence as you have no one to rely on but yourself.

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5. Rooms For One

You’ll have that comfortable queen size bed all to yourself. No snoring partner, no arguing about the in-house entertainment or worrying about how much hot water to use. You’ve got that hotel room all to yourself!

6. Memories Are Best Shared

Remember that time when… oh you weren’t there! The best travels are those that are shared. You and your bestie/significant other/parent will always have memories of the time you climbed that crazy high mountain in Brazil or drank wine until the sun came up in Paris.

7. Shameless Selfies

You’ll look a bit self centred snapping selfies in front of all the awesome attractions you’ll be seeing. But setting a timer on your camera and setting it up takes forever, and you don’t want to be hassling other tourists with your solo travel issues.

Walking (Quadtripplea/Wikimedia Commons)

Walking (Quadtripplea/Wikimedia Commons)

8. You’ll Leave The Comforts Of Your Comfort Zone

Solo travel is a great way to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Whether its straight out of college or on some “Eat Pray Love” type journey, you’ll be pulled straight out of your cushy life and into the unknown.

(Becky Stern/Flickr)

(Becky Stern/Flickr)

9. Can You Put Sun Block On My Back?

Said no solo traveller ever! There’ll be no one to help you get to those hard to reach places except the (potentially hot) lifeguard which could actually be beneficial for you.



10. Sick Situation

When your head feels like its been hit with frying pan and you’ve broken out it cold shivers, you’ll be lying in your hotel bed alone. Ahh, no one to get you some chicken soup and attend to your sick self.

Egyptian Hotel Issues Warnings to "Loggers"


11.Be Your Own Boss

You’ll have no need to take anyone, but yourself, into consideration. Do what you want to do, eat what you want to eat and sleep when you want to sleep. It’s that simple!



12. Travelling In Packs Is Safer

You don’t want  to find yourself on the wrong side of the train tracks in Johannesburg! That’s a bit extreme, but it is safer to travel with larger groups of people.

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13. No Fighting

Even when travelling with your best friend,  you can sometimes get into a fight. But with solo travel you can avoid the bitchiness, stress and screaming matches.

14. It’s A Lonely World

You’ll probably start feeling lonely. It sucks, but the best way to solve this issue is by making new friends and experiencing your vacation stay with them.



15. Self Discovery

By far the best part of solo travel is finding yourself and ensuring the balances of a better life. Being alone and exploring will become your new favourite pastime!

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